Insulation is crucial to a comfortable home, but it is often overlooked because it’s hidden away behind the walls in our attics and crawl spaces. Although it’s one of the most forgotten about parts of a home’s structure, it’s one of the home’s first lines of defence to protect it from the harsh outdoor elements. You may not have been present for the original attic insulation in your London home to determine whether it was done effectively, however, you can look out for specific signs to check if the insulation is degrading and if you need to replace it.

Here are the three key signs to look out for that tells you it may be time to have a Polar Energy Systems insulation contractor visit your home.

1. Indoor Temperatures Fluctuate

A comfortable home will maintain a constant temperature throughout the home without fluctuating. If you’ve noticed your home becomes colder or warmer at various points of the day, this may be the result of your attic insulation shifting and allowing colder air or hot air to enter the rest of the home. Often, the problem can be restored by simply resetting the attic insulation and having an insulation contractor apply additional blown in insulation to rectify the issue. However, if this is not successful, you will need to have the insulation replaced entirely.

2. High Energy Costs

If you’ve noticed a stark rise in your home’s energy bills, the culprit may be inadequate insulation installation or a complete lack of any insulation. A lack of insulation protection allows the weather elements to peer through and sneak into the home. Your furnace or air conditioning unit has to work twice as hard to ensure the comfort of your home, which results in a dramatic spike to your energy bills.

3. Wet Insulation

If your home’s insulation has become moist, damp or completely soaked, it must be replaced immediately, as there is no way to rectify it. The cause of wet insulation stems from a variety of reasons, including blocked vents, a roof that’s leaking or a flooded basement that can seep into the insulation. Wet insulation can also have mould develop, which poses a significant threat to the air quality in the home, as mould releases mycotoxins that are dangerous to humans. Tiny air pockets in the insulation can become plugged with water and prevent air from being trapped, which ultimately, makes the insulation ineffective.

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