The most common question associated with attic insulation removal is whether or not the existing insulation needs to be removed completely. In many cases, it does not because most attic insulations will settle as the years go by, and while it may become less and less effective, it’s not mandatory that the insulation gets removed completely. This is especially true if the materials are dry and there’s no sign of contamination because unless there’s water damage or the materials have been infested, it’s really not necessary. 

Your attic needs to be professionally inspected so that it can be assessed properly and the appropriate recommendations can be made regarding an upgrade to your existing insulation. There are certain situations that require you to remove your attic insulation, and one of them is if you experience a serious leak from your roof or notice major condensation throughout your attic. This will cause your current insulation to become waterlogged and become a source of mold or mildew, so anytime there is even the possibility of wet insulation, that material must be removed. If you can confirm that only a small area has been affected, you can proceed by removing only that damaged portion. 

Another reason to have your attic insulation removed is if rats, mice and other critters have caused damage to it. Once they get near it, they can damage it significantly and as this presents a hazard, all of the insulation will have to be removed. 

Many homeowners feel confident enough to tackle the removal of attic insulation on their own; however, it is recommended that you hire a professional for this particular job as there is more to it than just taking it out. In many cases, repairs may need to be completed, vents will have to be added and disinfection might be required, all of which require the knowledge and assistance of a skilled professional. Remember that an expert will be able to do the job right the first time, whereas you may need several attempts and even then it may not be completed right. 

The professionals at Polar Energy Systems know how to approach every situation using the right tools and wearing the appropriate safety gear. They can handle any attic insulation matter without posing any health and safety risks, which can happen if you attempt it on your own. Without the right knowledge, you may experience skin, eye and lung irritation, so it’s best to contact Polar Energy Systems for all of your insulation needs. If you’re in the London area and need a trustworthy insulation contractor, give them a call today!