Your home’s attic insulation may have been perfectly protecting your home for years, but has lately been quite inefficient. There are specific situations that can cause the insulation to fail at keeping the home warm or cool by letting in chilly drafts or warm temperatures. Now that it’s winter, having cold air permeates your home is certainly less than desirable and the culprit may be old attic insulation.

That means that it may be time to call the Polar Energy Systems insulation contractor for an attic insulation replacement! Check out what signs you should be looking for that indicate old attic insulation.

1. Rodents/Pests In the Attic

Let’s face it, critters want to enjoy the warmth of insulation just as much as homeowners do. If you see these undesirable intruders in your attic, this could be a sign that your attic insulation is old and ineffective. Critters thrive in dirty, cluttered spaces that are not often occupied by humans. If your attic has not been thoroughly cleaned out lately, ensure you do a proper clean up to keep the space free of pests. If your attic insulation needs to be replaced, it may be in the best interest of your home to have spray home insulation installed, which forms a durable barrier to keep critters from getting in and making a home.

2. Temperature Issues

Arguably the most obvious indicator of old attic insulation is if your home is experiencing frequent temperature changes. A lack of consistent temperature inside the home may be caused by a draft within the insulation. Insulation that isn’t retaining heat may be old or was not installed effectively in the first place. The result is high energy bills and your HVAC systems having to operate in overtime to effectively heat or cool the home.

3. Mould and Fungus

If you detect any mould or fungus in your attic insulation, it’s imperative to the health and safety of all tenants in the home to have the insulation removed immediately. Mould infestations need to be eliminated as the contaminants can spread further and be highly hazardous. The insulation has to be completely removed and replaced because mould regrowth may redevelop later on.

4. Smoke Damage

If your home has ever been exposed to a fire or smoke, it’s highly likely that the insulation has been affected and likely damaged. The fire may have impacted a completely separate area of your home, however, smoke can still permeate through walls and become trapped within the insulation. If smoke has become trapped, it is crucial for you to have the insulation completely removed and replaced promptly.

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