Making the decision to upgrade the insulation in your basement and attic is a smart decision no matter what time of the year it is. Modern insulation will increase your comfort level within your home, improve your energy uses and much more. If you’re thinking about reinsulating your home, here are five things to keep in mind while making your decision.

Lower Energy Consumption

Proper insulating your basement and attic will provide a protective shield between your home and the extreme temperatures of the outdoors. Insulation helps to regulate the temperature indoors, keeping it warm in the winter and cool during the summer. The lower energy consumption that results will also reduce your monthly energy bill, as you won’t be running the heater or air conditioner as intensely as you once did.

Reduces Moisture Content

Inadequate insulation can lead to condensation, the accumulation of moisture and what’s known as “weeping walls.” Excessive moisture within your walls will lead to mildew, mould and fungi growth in your attic and basement, resulting in serious health problems over time. Installing insulation will lower the chances of these issues occurring and keep your family safe.

Protects the Pipes from Freezing

When the temperature drops too low outdoors, the water pipes within your basement walls are more likely to freeze. Not only are frozen pipes inconvenient for you, but it can also damage the pipes themselves, which can cost a lot to repair depending on the size of the job. Well-insulated basements don’t need to worry about this kind of issue.

Protect Your Foundation

Insulating the exterior of your basement is an effective way of protecting the structure of your home from outside water seeping in. Not only can cold temperatures have a negative effect on your pipes, but the constant freezing and thawing of freezing climates can damage the foundation, causing cracking that could reduce the stability of the entire house.

Improves Indoor Air Quality

Without the proper insulation in your attic, mould, dirt, dust, mildew and worse can enter your home and severely lower your air quality. Ongoing air leaks over time can lead to breathing and other health problems as the toxins work their way into your system. Installing insulation in the attic will prevent these allergens from entering and spreading throughout your home, allowing your family to breathe easier.

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